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Ingenious enthusiasts required. Team Fixperts is growing.

News Written by Dee

Just a year ago Fixperts was an exciting, but still pretty niche side project for us at From Now On. In May 2016 we took a deep breath and decided that was it - we had to 'go big or go home'

June 2017 and it's a different world. We're 'award-winning' following our Blueprint win, and we're awaiting certification by the Department for Education which will see Fixperts in schools as part of a new STEM technical qualification. And, OMG, we even have a business plan. 

Which is why we need your help. These are the roles we currently have available - a mix of fixed term contract, freelance and voluntary positions. Have a look, share with people you know, get in touch, we're getting serious and we need you to secure the impact and influence we're targeting. 

Content developer/curriculum consultant - whether your specialist subject is design, design & technology, STEM, STEAM or the maker movement more generally we don't really mind. What's critical is to care about how to turn Fixperts into engaging, curriculum linked, non-typical learning experiences through absolutely killer materials for young people and young adults. If the sight of children using power tools doesn't energise you this is probably not the right role for you.

Workshop facilitators and teacher trainers - our tiny team is going to have to be much bigger if we aim to satisfy the growing demand we're seeing for Fixperts workshops. We've also just run our first teacher training - what a blast - we want to do many more of those! And there are regular opportunities for informal/public engagement work with opportunities also for you to expand your activity independently. (National, freelance/independent) 

Production assistant - from InDesign layouts to adventures in Youtube templates you will combine a laser-like focus on delivery (that's the production bit) with an exploratory sensibility ensuring our materials are consistent and engaging for our teachers, students and increasingly global audiences. (London based, fixed term contract or freelance) 

Volunteer roles helping build the Fixperts archive - now at more than 400 films it needs care and attention. We've split this work into easily sign-uppable 2 hour slots. Not only do you get to watch lots of Fixperts films, but your work will help to ensure that lots of other people will see them too. 

We are very excited to announce the winner of the RCA Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award - A Spoon for Gabi!

This year we received a fantastic selection of inspiring films from undergraduates across nine countries. The films included a real mix of projects with ingenious solutions from spoons to door openers. We were overwhelmed by the quality, inventiveness and story telling from everyone who submitted a film.

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School children embark on a Fixperts project

Fixperts are making some surprising inroads into the UK schools system. 

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If you are an undergraduate student or tutor who has been part of a Fixperts project we want to hear about it! Once again we are asking for your fantastic FixFilms for the 2017 Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Fixperts Award. This open international competition rewards creativity in people-centred design across all disciplines. Key criteria are the benefit to the Fix Partner and the quality of the storytelling. The winner will be announced at the prestigious Helen Hamlyn Awards ceremony during the annual RCA Graduation Shows.

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