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A Needle Threader for Alena
Children at the Little Specials centre find it hard to play together. Fixperts from Brunel work with carers to encourage collaborative play.
Group Interaction Toy for Little Specials Nursery
Maya the Fixperts resident at Benchmark Furniture modified a nail clipper with Sugru so that the grip area is easier to manage.
Nail clippers grip Sugru hack
A Typing Glove for Hand Amputee Roi
A Typing Glove for Hand Amputee Roi
Yoav is an Olympic swimmer in the Paralympics. He needs to eat six pitas a day but finds it impossible to stuff them as he can't perform fine motor skills with his right hand. Fixperts invent a pita holder for him so he can make as many as he likes.
Pita holder for Yoav
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Rice Trolley for Mr. Kitagawa
Jacob's Grip Friendly Hammer
A Safety Belt for Moshe and Shir
Armore Hairbrush Holder for Ellen
Arthur's Bag Carrier
Hingehog for Mr Shikata
SUNOKO for Nurses at Healthcare Center
Standing up Device for Nino

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